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Provides effective treatments for a wide range of ailments

Mitra Hermitage -welcomes you to the world of authentic Ayurveda. It is a serene Ayurvedic residency by the backwater front in Kerala. Here you can benefit from the time tested tradition of Ayurvedic medicine in India as well as Yoga in a blissfully peaceful environment. A totally new Kerala Ayurvedic treatment experience awaits you at MITRA HERMITAGE AYURVEDA hospital. The Kerala Ayurvedic treatment principles are followed strictly by the Ayurveda doctors and therapists at Mitra hermitage.

Built in perfect harmony with nature, the place spreads out across half an acre of lush greenery of organically grown Ayurvedic herbs and vegetables on the banks of the graceful Karamana River. Mitra hermitage is couched within a calm village ambience and the active bird life around it complements the charm of the pleasant setting which is most suited for Ayurveda treatments....

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Provides effective treatments for a wide range of ailments


Treatment for Arthritis. Back and Spine disorders. Detoxification Programme...


At Mitra Hermitage, we have arranged the ideal environs for you to enjoy...

Panchakarma Therapy

Provides effective treatments for a wide range of ailments

To achieve a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness, Ayurveda treatments prescribe a cleansing Panchakarma Treatment to eliminate body toxins. The Ayurvedic medicine in India practised Panchakarma treatments since pre-historic times. Panchakarma treatments, which include five major procedures, are meant to purify the whole body by eliminating the accumulated toxins from it.

kairali Ayurveda
kairali Ayurveda

The five major Ayurveda treatment procedures are Vamana (Emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Snehavasthi (Medicated Oil Enema), Kashayavasti (medicated decoction enema) & Nasya (Nasal Administration). These five Panchakarma treatment procedures are undertaken for the purification of the body channels and Ayurveda considers it necessary before the start of any other Ayurveda treatments to get an effective result.

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Provides effective treatments for a wide range of ailments

Back and Spine disorders.

Treatment for Arthritis.

Detoxification Programme.

Stress-related illness.

Neurological disorders.

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Provides effective treatments for a wide range of ailments

Our Certifications

Welcome to Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital, the only Ayurveda hospital in Kerala with NABH accreditation from the Central Health Ministry,
ISO 9001:2015 Standards by TUV SUD and AYUR Diamond Classification by Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala.

What Clients Say about Us!

Our Happy Clients

Arvind SumanArvind Suman
04:47 25 Oct 22
Thanks for the response Manager, Prices have never been a deal breaker for me, You have seen that I have tipped people in thousands while leaving. Went to this Place in Dec 2021. The doctor Mahesh and His wife are very nice. They try to take care of you very well. I had a big problem with the room and kitchen. The food was extremely poor and the treatment at the kitchen was pathetic. The bedsheets were unclean had to buy my own . There was no rug to wipe the feet , had to buy myself . There were too many mosquitoes had to buy my own mosquitoes repellent. Over all good Doctor’s but jail like facility . The area is too small even for a brief walk.
Suma MathewsSuma Mathews
08:38 26 Sep 22
Wonderful atmosphere where you can relax, have time to pray, read, go for walks and have time for yourself. Each and every treatment is tailored to your needs- and all the staff, each and every single one of them no matter what their role at the hospital- are so caring and loving to the patients and to each other. I never felt uncared for and I was looked after so well. I have so much relief for my arthritis and my wound on my foot which I was suffering with for a year and half- completely healed and I was able to walk again.I miss my therapist girls....and my doctors- they are truly my angels. I am looking forward to returning next year summer to have a rejuvenation again. Thank you Dr. Mahesh, Dr. Lakshmi, Dr. Karthika, Dr. Anita- and all the therapists.
Sivaraj K CSivaraj K C
04:57 20 Aug 22
My mother had a very happy experience from the treatment for Diabetics at Mitra Hermitage, Thiruvallam. 3 months back the Fasting Sugar was 150 units, at that time we contacted and gone under the treatment of Dr Mahesh, Director Mitra Hermitage. He recommended medicine and suggested proper dietary practice. After that a very drastic change was seen. After taking regular medication for one month and after when Tested Fasting Blood Sugar lowered at 110units. It was very great surprise and satisfaction for us. At the time the doctor instructed to continue the same medications with little changes in medicine and in dietNow she had completed 90 days treatment at Mitra Hermitage. Now the Fasting Blood Sugar came down to 80units and blood sugar is now came under control and the medication completely stoped and now she is under strict diet as instructed by Dr MaheshThanks to the support and treatment of Dr Mahesh and team at Mitra Hermitage.I strongly recommend all to get treated at Mitra Hermitage.
Deepa BinuDeepa Binu
08:50 14 Aug 22
I was suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain which radiated to down both hands disabling me doing daily household chores. I had tenderness in both hands which prevented me even from opening a door.I consulted with Dr.Anita Mahesh (Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital). I was advised to undergo 5 days Ayurvedic treatment and the results I got was beyond my expectations.I would like to refer this hospital for others suffering from the same issues.
Cheerus DuttCheerus Dutt
18:12 07 May 22
I was suffering from pain and restricted movements of shoulder joints and I took anti inflammatory medicines which gave a temporary relief. On stopping them, the pain and movement restriction increased. I consulted with Dr. S Mahesh (at Mitra Hermitage Ayurvedic Hospital) and underwent 3 days of external treatment which had a miracle affect in relieving my pain and regaining all shoulder movements. Before this experience I thought Ayurveda was just massages and the change in my physical condition, after the short treatments, my point of view about ayurvedic treatment changed completely.

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