Sida cordifolia is a plant belonging to the cotton family and is also known as Country mallow. The seeds, leaves, and root are used to make medicine. 

  • This plant is known to promote beauty and grace. Regular use of this sweet tasting, light and sticky herb provides a naturally glowing skin.
  • Bala also exhibits incredible healing virtues. The paste obtained from crushed leaves of the plant make for an excellent wound dressing, and speeds up the recovery process.
  • It works great as a natural aphrodisiac and promotes sexual drive among men and women. It also enhances the quality as well as the quantity of male sperms. Regular usage of this herb helps to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • The leaves of this plant contain a chemical known as ephedrine, which has the ability to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS). Thus this rejuvenating herb also works as an effective nervine tonic.
  • The same chemical called ephedrine also acts as an effective bronchodilator and provides significant relief in case if asthma, bronchitis, chest congestion and stomatitis.
  • Sida cordifolia contains some natural anti-depressant properties that makes it apt to be used by those suffering from stress, anxiety and associated sleep disorders.
  • Bala is a natural diuretic. It increases the urine production, thus addressing the problem of fluid retention. Various urinary tract infections (UTIs) can also be relieved by regular usage of this herb.
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