BALIOSPERMUM MONTANUM/ DANTI, is a stout under-shrub 0.9-1.8m in height with herbaceous branches from the roots. Leaves are simple, sinuate-toothed, upper ones small, lower ones large and sometimes palmately 3-5 lobed. Flowers are numerous, arranged in axillary racemes with male flowers above and a few females below. Fruits are capsules, 8- 13mm long and obovoid. Seeds are ellipsoid smooth and mottled.


Root in the medicinal part which is used in constipation, abdominal pain, general anasarca, piles, calculus, helminthic infections, scabies, dermic affections, suppurative ulcers and diseases caused by the morbidity of kapha and pitta. Root paste is applied to painful piles and swellings.

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