Area of Expertise

Panchakarma treatments are done according to the rules laid down in the ancient texts using best quality organically produced ayurvedic medicines. The doctors and the supporting staffs makes sure that the panchakarma treatments are administered to the maximum perfection. These treatments help to relieve stress and strain from our body system .The treatments for different types of arthritis especially rheumatoid arthritis has helped many of our clients. The treatments offered for back pain helps to control and manage the severity of the pain and reduce the dryness in the inter vertebral dises. In geno type 1 & 2 Hepatitis C Our treatment procedures along with our specially formulated medicines helps to bring down the viral load and improve the life quality. In elderly women who suffer from Urinary incontinence our special pack of medicines helps the bladder to regain its strength. The Treatments we give out for psoriasis helps to heal the oozing skin lesions which helps to manage this disease and their by increasing the confidence in the patient. Our post chemo detox programme helps to remove the chemo residue in the body. It helps to rejuvenate the nervous system, Increase immunity and vitality

Go organic

We make sure that the food we serve and medicines we give are organically produced. Most of the vegetables and fruits come from an organic garden. The oils we use on your body and the internal medicines we give pass through rigorous tests at the R&D of our supplier as row herb and as formulated medicine to make sure that they are free from any contamination, pesticides or heavy metals.

Setting new quality standards for traditional ayurvedic health care.

Vasti/retention enema therapy is one of the most important panchakarma procedures which helps to detoxify and rejuvenate your body and to balance the Vata energy. The use of disposable syringes, polythene vasti bags etc are the norm followed globally for administering Matra/Sneha vasti (Anuvasanam) and Kashaya vasti (Nirooha). These non sterile vasti syringe, vasti bags etc always cause a fear element in the patients. Mitra Hermitage is proud to proclaim the setting of a new benchmark by increasing the safety of its patients who undergoes vasti treatments in this Hospital as it is the only ayurveda hospital globally to use ETO sterilised Anuvasana and Nirooha vasti disposable sets. The safety of our patients who come for panchakarma procedures have been put in the front seat so as to eleminate any chance of contamination from a non sterile vasti syringe, bags and other disposables used for this very effective treatment procedure.

What is ETO Sterilisation?

Ethylene oxide sterilization is a chemical process consisting of four primary variables: gas concentration, humidity, temperature and time. EO is an alkylating agent that disrupts the DNA of microorganisms, which prevents them from reproducing. The EO penetrates the breathable packaging and sterilizes all accessible surfaces of the product to render products sterile by alkylation of proteins essential for cell reproduction.

Incredible India

The Mitra hermitage lies on the outskirts of trivandrum city. Usually the area is very calm and quite; you can hear the wind, birds and the sound of the waves when the sea is rough. On the west side beyond the river lies Edayar Island which is less inhabited and it is a good nesting place for birds. Your wakeup call can be from this active bird life. Some of the houses around us have cows, goat, hens, ducks etc. In the morning and evening you can hear music from temple /church etc. Trivandrum airport lies 8 km from us and at times you can be distracted by the flights on their descending path. We repeat the place is calm and quite. But this is incredible India….. and you can have your share of surprises which are beyond our control.

You can have your own share of surprises!

Basics Intact

The Mitra Hermitage takes pride in announcing that we have given more than a thought to the basic things we offer – Pure water. We are equipped with a four-fold water filtering system which delivers microbe-free water even in our taps. In our kitchen this water undergoes a fifth purification process so as to ensure the high quality of the fruit juices, herbal drinking water and the food prepared. We take pain to keep Mitra Hermitage as eco-friendly as possible by installing bio-gas plant, solar water heaters, incinerator and by tapping solar energy.

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