PAATALA-Stereospermum suaveolens is one among Dashamoola group of herb. It is used in snake bite, scorpion bite, vomiting etc. It is also used for neuro-protective and hepato-protective benefits


  • Roots are used for treating diseases such as bronchial asthma, blood disorders, jaundice, vomiting, paralysis, rheumatism..
  • For rheumatoids, use the decoction made from roots
  • Mix the ash of burned roots and barks with water and use for treating blockage of urinary tract.
  • Mix the flowers with honey and use it orally for hiccups.
  • Flowers are used for bleeding.It balances three doshas and manages anorexia, bronchitis, asthma ad bronchitis, edema, inflammation, hiccups, edema, excessive thirst and blood disorders.
  • It is a diuretic which helps to ease urination and maintains proper urine flow.
  • It provides relief from difficulty in urination, burning sensation and frequent urination.It is helpful in gastric ulcers and gastritis.The decoction of bark is used for ulceration and acidity.
  • It is used to cure digestive disorders and used for anorexia, diarrhea and piles.
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