Putranjiva roxburghii is an evergreen tree growing up to 12 metres tall. An ayurvedic herb used for the treatment of eye disorders, burning sensation, elephantiasis, difficulty in micturition, azoospermia and habitual abortions. The name Putranjivaka denotes – which promotes or give life to progeny, which promotes fertility, both in men and women.

  • Ayurvedic classics have highlighted the importance of Putranjivaka as the one which helps in progenation.The powder of the seed is given in a dose of 1-3 g with milk to improve the sperm count in males and help in maintaining the foetus in pregnant women.
  • The paste of leaf is applied over the area affected with burning sensation.
  • Fresh juice of Putranjivaka is given in a dose of 10-15ml to treat elephantiasis and the paste of the leaf is applied over the affected area.
  • Cold infusion prepared from the leaves of Putranjivaka is given in a dose of 20-30ml to treat difficulty in micturition.
  • The seeds of the plant is made into a paste and applied as collyrium to treat eye diseases.
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