STROBULANTHUS HEINIYANUS /SAIRAYEA , Shrubs, branches hirsute. Leaves 6-10 x 4-7 cm, broadly elliptic, apex bluntly acuminate, base attenuate, crenate, covered with bulbous based hairs, lateral nerves 8-9 pairs; petiole 3-4.5 cm long. Spikes 3-4 together, 2 x 1.5 cm, axillary, on trichotomous peduncles, ovoid; involucral bracts 8 x 6 mm, broadly ovate, obtuse; floral bracts 13 x 10 mm, ovate, concave, obtuse, glabrous; bracteoles absent. Flowers few to many; sepals 6 x 2.5 mm, oblong, emarginate, connate a little above the base; corolla blue, 25 mm long; tube stout, with a patch of hairs inside above the stamens; staminal filaments and sheath hairy; style bulged below the stigma, hairy. Capsule 9 x 4 mm, glabrous; seeds winged.Flowering and fruiting: October-December. Margins of shola forests and grasslands.India and Sri Lanka.


The species are commonly used in rheumatic complaints, sprain of the ankle, and hernia.

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