The primary reason for receiving Ayurvedic treatments is to cleanse and rejuvenate your body/mind. It is a time when your energy and attention have an opportunity to turn inward. The mind quiets and the body relaxes. If you pay attention, you will notice many subtle changes that occur during the days of your treatments. In everyday life, your attention mostly goes outward and is spent. Each day, in your free time, you might want to practice meditation, journaling, contemplation, or reading spiritual books. If you like to partake in other activities such as walking or yoga, we suggest you do so with less intensity than usual. Basically, your Ayurvedic retreat is a time for repose and restoration. If you like. You can take short walks around Mitra Hermitage or take a Bus or Rickshaw to Kovalam Beach to view the sunset. Please consult with your physician to guide you for undertaking short sight seen trips in accordance with your treatment schedule. We have a library which has books in various subjects and languages please contact the reception for the book list. You can make use of the in house board games during your leisure time.

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