A much-branched, beautiful shrub, with fluted stems and long, spreading .

The flowers are acrid, astringent,styptic, depurative, uterine sedative, constipating,antibacterial, corrective of urinary  pigments, febrifuge and alexiteric. They are useful in the conditions of kapha and pitta, leprosy, burning sensation, skin diseases, diarrhoea,dysentery, fever, headache, hemorrhoids, herpes, internal hemorrhage, leukorrhea, liver disorders, menorrhagia,ulcers, wounds. Juice of leaves are used in bilious sickness.

They are also valued as a stimulant in pregnancy.

Dried flower powder is used in ulcers and wounds to reduce the discharge and promote granulation. The juice of its fresh flowers applied on the forehead, reduces headache

Acharya Charaka has included this flower in ‘Asava Yoni ‘as this flower is used for fermentation of arishta preparations.

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